Top 3 Awesome Workouts.

Posted on Sep 16, 2013 in Exercise, Motivation

As a personal trainer you are always wanting to find new ways to challenge your clients, thus there is a lot to be said for creativity within the gym space. With hundreds of exercises and variations at our disposal, you would think that it would be easy coming up with a new workout every day. Whilst you can be forgiven for thinking this way, just like any other profession, the amount of energy, research and effort you put into to creating a new workout, is reflective in how well it is received by your clients.

I want to share with you some of my favorite workouts. I have selected my top 3 workouts, these are workouts that I have enjoyed doing myself and that have received great feedback from clients that I have had over the years. You will see that it isn’t so much about packing in as many exercises as possible into your workout, more, selectively taking exercises that will compliment each other and constructing the workout in such a fashion that the reps, sets, work efforts and rest periods come together effortlessly. So here they are:
20/40– a simple concept (but they tend to be the most effective), perform 20 chin ups (or bar pull ups, if you haven’t quite mastered the chin up yet) then perform 40 push ups. Rest for 60sec then proceed to do 18 chin ups and 36 push ups. You continually drop the chin ups by 2 reps and the push ups by 4 reps until you reach 2 reps and 4 reps of each exercise respectively. Maintain your rest periods to 60sec through and depending on your fitness level it should take you any where between 15-30min. A great workout for the upper body.
30 on 30 off– pick 6 exercises (burpees, push ups, squat jumps, pull ups, split jumps and burpees again), each exercise perform 5 times for 30sec each, doing as many reps as you can in the 30sec then rest for 30sec. Continue to alternate between working and resting every 30sec seconds for 30min in total, until you have gone through all the exercises. An efficient half hour workout.
Half an hour of power– take these 6 exercises: pull ups, kettle bell cleans, burpees, dips, squat jumps and push ups. In that order, perform ten reps of each and do as many rounds as you can in the space of 30min, guaranteed to get the blood pumping and the sweat pouring!
So there you have it team, my top 3 workouts. In most cases, half an hour is all you need to fit in an effective workout on the provision you are working at a high enough intensity. The most challenging part about any exercise routine is getting started, so just throw yourself into it and the rest will follow. If you still need inspiration I always recommend using a personal trainer, as you will never train as hard by yourself as you would with a trainer.