Leongatha Secondary’s 12 Week Challenge

Posted on May 8, 2013 in Leadershp, Motivation, News
Leongatha Secondary College participated in their own I Choose Awesome 12 Week Challenge in 2012 to great effect. With only two thirds of their 60 strong staff participating, the results, dare I say it, were Awesome. Here is a testimonial from Business Manager, Gabriel Windsor:

“I’ve had a chance to go over the stats for staff on leave due to illness or medical reasons and compared them from Mar-Sep in 2011 and then in same period for 2012. The leave I looked at did not include carer’s leave or any long term leave. For the details you are after, I thought it was best to only include staff ‘sick’ days alone. Keep in mind the total days of absence are not consecutive and include times of multiple leave days listed under one day due to several staff taking the same day off.
The results are astounding and I think you should be very proud of what you have achieved here:
Between March and September 2011:
Total days of teacher absence for LSC = 235 days
Total cost of teacher replacement = $62,275
Between March and September 2012:
Total days of teacher absence for LSC = 128
Total cost of teacher replacement = $33,920

Therefore during the time of the I Choose Awesome School 12 Week Challenge and to date, our cost saving due to reduced staff absences (compared to previous year’s costs) is $28,355!

It was agreed by all staff that as a result of the challenge, the morale and general feeling amongst the staff had greatly improved. Even after completion of the challenge, many staff remain committed to their healthier eating, and are still attending regular sessions in our new gym at school.
You know we are huge supporters of what you guys are trying to achieve. The results are in, and it speaks volumes about what you have accomplished
-Gabriel Windsor
Business Manager at Leongatha Secondary College