eBay Chooses Awesome

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 in Events, Leadershp, News

At the end of last month I Choose Awesome’s Kallum Fidoe and Benjamin Selby-Hele went over to America on business. Now that in itself might not sound so Awesome, but when you’ve been asked to run a lifestyle and leadership workshop for a group of managers from one of the world’s largest internet companies, suddenly things start to sound a whole lot more Awesome.


At the end of February 2012 Hugh Williams,Vice President of Search, Experience, and Platforms at eBay, contacted I Choose Awesome. He wanted them to run a lifestyle and leadership work shop for his leadership team, at their off-site quarterly meeting in San Francisco. Hugh had previously experienced the profound benefits of I Choose Awesome’s online 12 Week Challenge and wanted to share these benefits with his team. As I Choose Awesome offer a range of corporate health services, they were all but too prepared to jump at the opportunity.


What proved to be a whirlwind trip, with Kallum and Benjamin only being there for 3 nights in total, “the response and feedback received from the group was phenomenal” said Benjamin. “We were confronted with individuals who very seldom exercise and who really weren’t aware of what healthy nutrition consisted of.” “They were a real credit to themselves as they took on board all the information we presented and applied it accordingly.” The I Choose Awesome team ran 2 half day instalments talking about mind set, nutrition and exercise in relation to lifestyle and leadership. All the participants took part in various tasks and activities that they found extremely engaging.


Hugh Williams was thrilled with his team’s response. “The I Choose Awesome team were awesome in every sense of the word. The response from my leadership team was overwhelmingly positive. Some of my team members expressed that this was the best personal development program they had ever taken part in, and they have been in the industry for 15-20 years.” eBay’s use of I Choose Awesome’s corporate health services has sparked additional interest from other companies within the Silicon Valley region, where the likes of Google, Microsoft and Facebook are all based.


With such unprecedented international interest in I Choose Awesome’s corporate offerings, directors  Benjamin and Kallum are finding themselves extremely busy.  While managing their training studio in Inverloch, they are now putting together various corporate health packages for clients abroad and locally. “It’s a great position to be in. We love being busy and are really look forward to the next few months. They will be Awesome.” Says the team.


For any information regarding I Choose Awesome’s corporate health services contact Benjamin on +61 457 083 291 or via email Benjamin@ichooseawesome.com.au.