Kal Ben Hugh eBayInspire, challenge and reward the key people of your organisation by providing them with a team building and leadership experience with a difference. Through active participation in healthy lifestyle presentations, the I Choose Awesome Leadership Through Lifestyle Workshop, gives your organization’s leaders an opportunity to foster greater leadership capabilities by adopting long term healthy lifestyle changes.

The Leadership Through Lifestyle Workshop covers 8 areas:

I Choose Ambition

Focuses on ambition setting and the importance of creating both individual, team and work based ambitions revolving around your passions.

I Choose Conviction

Explores the language we use internally and how this affects us externally. We begin to rebuild internal language and the words we use, thus redefining the leadership role we assume.

I Choose Action (Exercise/Nutrition)

Details the minimum expectations to insure healthy and optimal living, in regards to exercise and nutrition. Also explores the importance of taking action as a leader and applying these principles, not just simply ‘knowing’ them.

I Choose Interpretation

Highlights our ability as leaders to take challenging situations and look at them objectively, focusing our thoughts and energy on what is in our control.

I Choose Knowledge

The acquisition of knowledge is what feeds our brain and allows us to grow: A thirst for knowledge contributes to inspiring those around you.

I Choose Inspiration

The ability to inspire others stems from our ability to keep inspired ourselves. If we are more inspired, we are more engaged in our roles at work.

I Choose to Live with Meaning

Doing the things you have always wanted to, but never have got around to. A healthy lifestyle is about balance, balance is the only way we can establish true meaning to our lives and extract the most out of ourselves.

I Choose Awesome

Brings everything we’ve learned together and looks at how to apply it moving forward and what it means for you and those around you.

The Leadership Through Lifestyle Workshop establishes a direct relationship between the lifestyle choices you make daily and how they affect your leadership capabilities. I Choose Awesome provide the tools to your employees that will allow them to be more inspired and engaged in the roles they assume in your organisation. Give the leaders of your organisation an off site experience that they can utilize for years to come. Workshops can be held in a location of your choice and are all encompassing: with meals, exercise classes and all presentation materials included.