Could the overall health of your company be improved? Is your business losing money due to staff absenteeism and sick leave? We know the health and lifestyle choices your team makes on a daily basis have a major impact on your organization’s culture and performance. I Choose Awesome’s 12 Week Health Initiative is the ultimate company health initiative, providing your organisation with the framework to change the lifestyle habits and culture of its people. The Initiative focuses on helping your organisation’s employees develop long term lifestyle change through education and then the consistent application of that information. The 12-week time frame allows for employees to experience real results, which then increases their likelihood to continue with their new lifestyle habits once the Initiative is complete.

The Measuarbles

Mindset- questionnaires are filled out by all those participating at the start and again at the conclusion of the Initiative to record improvements in self-perception/self-esteem.

Nutrition and Exercise- each employee is weighed, girth measurements taken and body fat percentage calculated, at the start and at the finish of the Initiative. This allows us to track the impact their nutrition and exercise changes have over the 12 weeks.

Absenteeism- absentee figures of your organization of the 3 months prior to the commencement of the 12 Week Health Initiative, are directly compared to the absentee figures collected during the 3 months the Initiative took place. This allows for a look at the direct savings the Initiative has on your organization.

The Expectations

It must be understood that the more people participating in the Initiative, the greater an impact it has on the organisation as a whole. If the entire organisation is participating in the Initiative you can only imagine how much of an impact it will have. However big or small your intended group, we urge that a minimum of 66% of your employees participate for the desired results. Strong support from your organization’s management teams is essential for the best possible results. Team unity, increased employee engagement and improved team culture is a direct result for your organisation by participating in the 12 Week Health Initiative.

How we implement the Initiative


-Present 60min motivational and educational seminar in which participants are given the framework for the next 12 weeks based around: mindset, nutrition and exercise

-All participants receive and ICA pack containing: ICA bag, ICA wrist band, ICA hat, ICA towel, ICA pen, ICA diary, Supplements, ICA folder including; Ambition board, nutrition book, nutrition and exercise planner.

-Conduct the weigh ins, take girth measurements and calculate body fat percentages.

-Collect filled out questionnaires.


-Motivational and educational emails including answers to FAQ’s and weekly recipes/work outs.

-60min team coaching and resistance training session, run by an ICA trainer.

Week 6:

-Mid point seminar, 60min motivational and educational presentation.

-Includes question and answer time.


-Conduct weigh ins, take girth measurements and calculate body fat percentages again

-Questionnaires filled out again and collected.

-Awards for stand out performances

-Conduct awards ceremony for all to participate in.

Your requirements


-Block out 60min of time for initial presentation and have all organisation’s employees attend.

-Conduct measurements.

-Implement the healthy guidelines suggested in presentation.


-Ask questions via email.

-Follow nutritional guidelines.

-Conduct own resistance training.

-Participate in scheduled team resistance training sessions.

Week 6

-Block out 60min of time and have all organisation’s employees attend the mid point seminar.


-Weigh in and girth measurements taken again.

-Fill out questionnaires again.

-Enjoy the ceremony, have fun and continue with healthy lifestyle habits.


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