I Choose Awesome was built on the pillars of: Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise. I Choose Awesome’s mission is: to elevate the quality of living of humanity and in turn, elevate organisational culture and enhance employee engagement. We know that employee motivation and mindset dictates how a company performs. When employees feel part of something bigger than just their jobs, long term motivation and improved leadership is a direct result. I Choose Awesome provide organisations with leadership and teamwork-based resources that achieve healthy organizational change. Through their services they facilitate the long-term lifestyle change of your employees, subsequently resulting in maintained high employee motivation levels.

A study conducted by Morgan and Banks found that sick leave was costing Australian businesses $2.56 billion a year, and that 2.7% of the Australian workforce was absent on unapproved leave on an average day.

Recent research by Direct Health Solutions into employee absence in Australia reveals that the average direct salary cost of sickness absence in Australia is over $2,000 per employee per annum.

Work, family, money; all these things can be placed ahead of one’s own health. As statistics continue to emerge, we are now seeing the world is becoming morbidly obese, poor health across all demographics continues to rise and subsequently employee productivity and motivation is reduced. Organisations are the ones that are ultimately suffering. I Choose Awesome are changing these trends by placing the focus back on your employees and their health, in turn improving their lifestyles and strengthening organisations as a whole.

How we implement our programs into your company

Whilst the essence of all our products revolves around our pillars (Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise), it is integral that we are united with your organisation and its mission. Prior to the commencement of any of our programs, we go through a thorough preparation process, that is designed to help us understand, what your organisation is about and what it hopes to achieve out of utilizing our services. This process involves a series of meetings with the key leaders of your organisation to make sure our language and the words that we use in front of your employees, are consistent with your organisation’s message to its staff. We link your company vision with our material, making your company vision part of the material we present. Our priority is to have complete coherency across the board, ensuring that the outcomes we establish with you are in line with what your organisation is striving to achieve for its staff. Through this process we subsequently ensure the most effective employee engagement program is implemented.

Benefits to your organization

The benefits of I Choose Awesome to your organisation will be reflective in the improvements to: employee engagement and motivation, staff absenteeism/presenteeism, organisational health, effectiveness and culture. Giving your employees the opportunity to find balance in their own lives, by placing focus back on your employees and their health, will insure long term effectiveness and productivity within your organisation. I Choose Awesome will improve your organisation’s health, culture and leadership by providing services for your organization based around your employee’s needs and company mission.

Our products

I Choose Awesome have 3 primary service-based products for your organisation:

-The Leadership Through Lifestyle Workshop

-The 12-Week Health Initiative

-Customized Employee Engagement Schedules

We all realize that employees function better when we’re they’re happy, healthy and have a greater sense of purpose, all of I Choose Awesome’s products therefore are focused around the pillars of Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise. As such, all the measurables used to track the improvement of your staff for any of our programs, utilize these criteria. In conjunction with that, with your help, we closely track organizational improvements in reduced staff absenteeism.