Consistency will see you succeed

Posted on Oct 17, 2013 in Exercise, Habits, Motivation, Uncategorized

When people choose to embark on a lifestyle change and aim to lose weight, get healthier or improve their fitness, many are surprised that it doesn’t happen as easy as what they may anticipate. When training is tough and eating healthy food seems unpleasant and after 1 week the scales still haven’t shifted, it can be easy to become disheartened and frustrated, in thinking that all your efforts have gone in vein. But have they? If you have had an unhealthy lifestyle for 20 years, is it fair to think that your body will change after you have been good to it for one week? 2 weeks? 3, 4, 5 or even 6 weeks? No probably not. We are what we repeatedly do, therefore in order to become healthy, we need to be healthy more often than not and consistently apply the habits that go with it.

The challenge to uphold healthy habits is one that plagues many, so if you are reading this and you struggle to uphold healthy habits, don’t feel alone. As humans we are all but too quick to cast judgement on ourselves, even more so than on others. As soon as we miss a training session or have something unhealthy that we know we shouldn’t, the wheels can easily fall off, all before we have even started. Like anything of value, a healthy lifestyle is something that takes work and must be earned, it gets easier as you go along but just like most changes, it takes a period of time to get used to it and consistently apply those habits. The key lies in not giving up, and not beating yourself up if you don’t get it perfect every time.

Focus on the small things:

– Focus on what you have done well, not what you haven’t done or have done badly.

– Get it right the next meal. So you ate something you shouldn’t have, next meal get it right, eat something you can have. Don’t let one poor meal choice throw out your whole week.

– If you keep failing to get up to exercise in the morning, set your alarm a little earlier so you can hit the snooze button before getting up.

– Don’t make excuses, create solutions to overcome your challenges. Write down the ways in which you can solve problems, physically write down the answers to your problems down.

– Start small, if you know you can’t train 3 times a week yet, then consistently train twice a week and build up from there. Small steps in the right direction is what is important.

Only a few of us can change our lifestyle habits instantaneously and go from one extreme to the other. For the majority of us, change takes time and is a slow process. Consistency is paramount, changing for one day or one week won’t change where you are in 12 months time. But apply that change repeatedly and consistently over that 12 months and your body, your way of thinking, you, will change. Focus on the bigger picture and where you want to be, in order to help you overcome short term challenges. Where you place your focus will dictate the way you handle situations and your perception of them, be it positive or negative.