The choice is yours…

Posted on Aug 7, 2013 in Habits, Leadershp, Motivation

So when it all boils down to it, only our employees themselves have the capacity to truly elevate their motivation levels for their work. In terms of employee motivation, as a leader, an employer or a business owner, there is only so much that we can do to in order to get our employees more passionate about their workplace and their health. Hence the responsibility we have to our team, is to ensure we bring passion to our workplace every day.

This is a conscious choice we must make everyday. No one else can make that choice for us. Being in a position of influence demands us to be accountable for our actions and care enough to care what our team thinks of us and what we do. Our biggest strength lies in our actions, the ones we engage in daily. What actions do you choose to action daily and what do they suggest to those around you? Are they reflective of someone who is passionate about what they do? Do they set an expectation for those around you? Do they ask your team to ask more of themselves?

No one can make the decision for you. All great leaders know this. Our decision making process is influenced by how much we care for the work we do, our mission. If your team isn’t performing the way that you want them to, could the issue be that we as leaders, perhaps aren’t leading the way we need to? So how do we get our team making the right choices? It all starts with you.

Ask yourself the following questions, and action accordingly if you haven’t already:

-Are you truly passionate about your work? Identify why exactly you are.

-Are your actions consistent with the expectations you place on your team? Are you leading by example? If they’re not, then its time to change.

-Have you employed initiatives in your workplace that promote personal development in your team? To show your team that you care about them, not just the work they do.

-Have you created a workplace environment that people want to be in? If not, then its time to change, today!

If we don’t change, then nothing changes. It’s our decisions that govern our direction. It all starts with the small decisions we make daily, these are the ones that can impact profoundly. It won’t make a difference immediately, but when applied consistently, change will occur over time. It’s a war of attrition out there my fellow leaders. Make sure your passionate about what you do, make sure your staff can see that and they will follow suit, eventually.