23 August


I’ve always liked the saying; ‘Inspiration is like a shower, you should have one every day’. The ability to be inspired daily takes a conscious effort, inspiring resources and content are all within arms reach of us but how many of us actually take advantage of those resources and get ourselves inspired? Words are fantastic […]

23 August

Limiting self beliefs

Posted in Limiting Beliefs

All of us as human beings grow up and develop a distinct set of principles by which we live our lives. These principles or beliefs if you will, define what we do on a daily basis and the manner in which we conduct ourselves. However they also have the potential to limit what it is […]

30 April

Establishing new lifestyle habits

Having trained a countless number of individuals over the period of my life I’m always fascinated to see the ones who succeed and the ones who struggle to get a grip of what is actually required of them to succeed. Whenever we embark on implementing a change in our lifestyle, whether it be for weight […]