I Choose Awesome build self-confidant, influential and energised leaders, who want to inspire and earn the respect of their peers through: their lifestyle, their moral compass and their desire to make a difference through their work.

We help leaders by getting them acquainted with their personal ambitions and guiding them through our revolutionary Leadership Through Lifestyle program, that was solely created for people who strongly believe in leadership by example.

We offer a complimentary 60min session to those passionate individuals that are serious about improving their leadership to see if we are compatible to work with you.

I Choose Awesome was built on the pillars of: Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise, our mission is: to elevate the quality of living of humanity and in turn, elevate organisational culture and enhance employee engagement. We know that employee motivation and mindset dictates how a company performs. When employees feel part of something bigger than just their jobs, long term motivation and improved leadership is a direct result. I Choose Awesome provide organisations with leadership and teamwork-based resources that achieve healthy organisational change. Through their services they facilitate the long-term lifestyle change of your employees, subsequently resulting in maintained high employee motivation levels.

Work, family, money; all these things can be placed ahead of one’s own health. As statistics continue to emerge, we are now seeing the world is becoming morbidly obese, poor health across all demographics continues to rise and subsequently employee productivity and motivation is reduced. Organisations are the ones that are ultimately suffering. I Choose Awesome are changing these trends by placing the focus back on your employees and their health, in turn improving their lifestyles and strengthening organisations as a whole.