4th Quarterly 2015

Posted on Jan 4, 2016 in Inspiration, Leadershp, Motivation

This time of the year can certainly have us feeling a heightened sense of appreciation for all the great things and people in our lives. We don’t always realize how lucky we are until we start adding up all the things we’ve got to be thankful for. Even simply having food on the table and a roof over our head can be enough to be thankful for, and something that a lot of people in the world would only ever dream of. Yep, while there are plenty of us lucky ones, there are certainly plenty who aren’t quite as lucky. And when you start thinking about it that way, it makes you wonder why we’re not more thankful, more often right? For me, living here in Mexico over the course of this year has just made me realize (even more) how lucky I am. From the opportunities I have been presented with through my childhood and for simply being lucky enough to be born in a great country and raised by a loving family in an environment where I never went without, I can only imagine the hardships that others have had to endure.

A big part of the sense of luck I feel for my life to date can easily be attributed to you (my family and friends) whom I feel so privileged to have within my life. Just seeing through Facebook alone and talking to many of you through the year, its awesome the amount of amazing things people are doing with their lives and the ways in which they contribute back to the people and the communities around them. You know you have a good group of people around you when seeing each one of them and their achievements fills you with pride and joy. We all have the capacity to inspire those around us, whether we realise it or not, and this is a notion I try to hold on to and keep at the forefront of my mind daily. It may sound a little naïve, but I’m a firm believer that if we can leave all the people we meet in a better state than which we found them, the world would be a markedly different and better place. This is obviously a nice ideal but a little bit more challenging in practice and application. It takes real leadership and a real sense of responsibility and care to begin to initiate something like this.

Thus for the year ahead I pose a challenge… Go out of your way to leave the people you meet in a better state than which you found them. Use your skill set and your abilities to carve out a life that strives to contribute back more and asks the people around you to do the same. Lead by example and hold yourself accountable to you and only you, be constantly asking yourself “am I proud of the actions I engage in when no ones watching?” For at the end of the day you make the final call on everything you do. Give more than you take and find ways to give more, a giving nature inspires others to do the same. Fill your life with passion and a sense of unbridled purpose so that each day you wake up with intent and drive. Look after your family and friends and make time for them, as our lives are ultimately defined by the memories we forge with those most important to us. And finally, strive to make a difference in whatever it is you do. Think big and strive to make an impact. Our world now, more than ever, needs the type of awesome, driven and passionate leaders I know you all are, so challenge yourself to be more than you ever imagined and change the world for the better.

P.S. Don’t forget to as yourself these 4 questions at the year’s end:

What was your greatest achievement this year?

What was your biggest challenge this year?

Who was the person who had the most positive influence on your life this year?

What is your number 1 ambition for the year ahead?