3rd Quarterly 2015

Posted on Sep 29, 2015 in Inspiration, Leadershp, Motivation

Did someone say October already? Far out, I know we say it every year, but where has this year gone? We’re into the tail end of the year already and its not slowing down! I hope this quarterly finds you in great health and sees you thoroughly enjoying your life. Whilst the past 3 months have felt like a bit of a blur they’ve certainly been packed with content, especially upon reflection. So I encourage you to do the same and just take a quiet moment and think about how far you’ve come since the end of June, and all the things that have happened. From my end, my business is steadily building and I’m enjoying the challenge of working abroad. My Spanish is following much the same line and is improving everyday, and come the middle of October I will have been in Mexico for 6 months already! My girlfriend was here for the entirety of August, which was great, and we got to explore some amazing places through the east of Mexico. While most of this quarter has been great, it hasn’t all been roses. Namely I had to manage the passing of my grand father at the start of August, and whilst its challenging enough losing someone close to you when you’re at home, it can be something else entirely losing them when you can’t get back home to be there when they go.

I know for me, I was extremely lucky to have such an amazing grandpa for as long as I did. I have friends who lost their grandparents when they were quite young, who never got to see them grow up to be the fine people they are today. As far as lives go, my grandpa couldn’t have done much more or left a greater legacy, and even in his final moments he was surrounded by loved ones and got to say goodbye to everyone, even me, on the other side of the world. Through out the experience though, it got me thinking about our lives and how precious they are. Now I know we all have these thoughts from time to time, but do we insure that we are living our best life possible and ensuring that the people closest to us know how we feel about them frequently? I know from my end, in the final good bye to my grandpa, no words had to be spoken. I mean how do you thank a person who has had such a strong, positive influence on you and has been so significant in defining the person you have become today? And the thing that I realised is, I didn’t have to thank him or try and tell him how much he meant to me, because both he and I already knew. Every single one of my family members knew that he loved them, and in his final days (and even before) he knew how much everyone loved him, no words were required.

Death is obviously one of those parts of life we all have to deal with and its obviously not always entirely fair or timely. We don’t have any control over it and it can’t be explained sometimes. The only thing we do have control over is what we choose to do on any given day for the entirety of our lives, no matter how long they turn out to be. I think the thing people rue most when their loved ones go, is that they perhaps didn’t tell them how much they loved them or how much they meant to them. So if we’re to take anything away from that is that you can’t tell those that mean something to you that you love them or appreciate them enough. In the same breathe, you need to live the life that makes you happy and not any one else. Go and do the adventures you dream of. Quit the job that doesn’t make you happy and do the work that you love. Strive to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible. Strive to make a difference and don’t shy away from caring too much, there is no such thing. In the end our actions and the things we choose to do and choose not to do define us. There are no retakes and we don’t get the comfort of a dress rehearsal. So live like you mean it as it’s all over too quickly.


Enjoy the tail end of the year.