1st Quarterly 2016

Posted on Apr 1, 2016 in Inspiration, Leadershp, Motivation

So what is ‘home’?

Home is a sense of belonging, comfort and familiarity.

Can you have more than one home?

Without doubt, but a lot of the time people don’t give a place enough time to experience what its like and get a true sense of whether or not it resonates with them. People can be quick to judge and the instant something becomes difficult they retreat back to what we’ve always known, that which is comfortable and familiar.

On that thought, I wonder how many people live their lives and never get to appreciate anything other than what they’ve always known. If you spend enough time in one place so that the streets become familiar, the food becomes delicious, you look at the people who live there as if you’re all one in the same, you understand the language and can communicate in it, the unknown becomes known and you have a network of ‘family’ who share similar values to you, suddenly your perspective changes. This place that was once ‘foreign’, ‘harsh’ and ‘unknown’ becomes ‘endearing’, ‘unique’ and ‘known’ like you’ve lived there your whole life. You form memories all over the city/town and the place shifts in your mind, you adopt a sense of ‘home’ and you suddenly see it in a similar light to that of your first ‘home’.

And what is ‘family’?

Family is a network of people who care deeply for each other and share similar values.

Can you have more than one family?

Of course, although I just like to think of it as adding more family members to your existing one. Whilst customs, languages and surrounds in every country around the world may vary, what binds people and makes them feel like ‘family’ are the values they hold and how they engage with each other. In any place you can find people with similar values to you and they will subsequently become your ‘family’ in your new ‘home’. People’s values transcend their surface differences and they’re values are seen through their actions and the warmth of their energy towards you. I guess what I’m getting at is that the majority of the people in the world share these good values and genuinely want to connect with other people, embrace them, love them and show them acceptance and warmth. But when the surface level differences seem too different and too far removed from what we’re ‘accustomed’ to, it’s easier not to connect at all.

So Mexico huh? Dangerous right?

So my time in Mexico is drawing to a close with only 2 weeks before I’m back ‘home’. When you consider the general tag Mexico gets labelled with from a global stand point (as being dangerous, horrible and corrupt), whilst there is no denying those things exist here (like they do in most countries), the warmth, acceptance and welcoming nature of almost all the people I have met in Mexico over the course of this past year has been incredible. To say I feel at ‘home’ here would be an understatement and to say I’ve added to my ‘family’ I’d say I’m very lucky to have a large portion of my family now based in Mexico.

This past year has only reaffirmed my firm belief that life is there to be lived and the best way to live is to explore, experience and engage with as many people, places and cultures as you possibly can. Create ‘homes’ all over the world and grow your ‘family’ and broaden your perspective. Within all the different cultures in the world you can find a feeling of ‘home’ that can’t be explained and find ‘family’ you never knew you had.

With all the tension and unrest in the world at this point in time, if everyone cultivated more empathy and understanding, for people different to themselves, it would not go to waste. It’s only once you’ve seen how other people live and make that place your home (even just for a moment) that you can truly grasp (just fractionally) what they may have been through or why they perhaps have a different way of thinking to you. Ignorance truly is the root of all hatred and violence. We’re all human yet we are losing our sense of humanity, so it’s up to all of us to look beyond a person’s appearance, a place’s reputation and bring the humanity back to the world that is lacking so much at this moment in time. Because it is in our deeper connection with other people and our greater understanding of other cultures and places that we realise we’re all pretty much one big family sharing the same big home.