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We provide gym services and personal training solutions for residential apartment buildings and build healthy, engaged communities in the process.

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With so many apartment buildings possessing gym facilities that are not being used, I Choose Awesome provide the link between the residents and the gym space.

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I Choose Awesome deliver the complete in-house Personal Training and Gym Service to residential apartment buildings that caters solely to the needs of the residents within the building, with the aim of building community and making the gym space an engaging community hub.

I Choose Awesome’s comprehensive service; from the planning and building stage, through to post settlement service delivery, stands to serve as a massive value addition for any residential apartment building looking to offer superior, high-end gym services and community offerings to their residents.

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What we Do


I Choose Awesome are engaged by the developer prior to a building’s completion (ideally 6 months out from completion) to facilitate in the planning, layout and fit out of the gym space within their development.

It is in this stage that I Choose Awesome composes a required equipment list and comprehensive service offering (for the residents) that ensures the gym space becomes something that is functional, engaging and usable for the residents, and that ensures the developer doesn’t spend an absorbent amount of money on fitness equipment that won’t get used.

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Our Duties

Service Delivery

At the building’s completion, I Choose Awesome staff the gym space full time (at their cost) with a fully qualified Personal Trainer that is responsible for the upkeep and professional management of the gym space. I Choose Awesome’s Personal Trainers look after the gym space professionally and as part of their service agreement delivers the following services (including but not limited to) at their cost:

Gym inductions for every resident and guest in the building, to ensure all residents are competent and can safely use the gym space/equipment.

Ad-hoc cleaning and upkeep of the cleanliness of the gym space as required.

Monthly Reports on the gym space that are sent to the Building Management, OC Management and OC Committee.

Establish and uphold gym safety procedures/protocols/rules.

Routine machine maintenance and inventory auditing.

In-house seminars for the residents on health and lifestyle, on a quarterly basis.

In conjunction with the above free services, I Choose Awesome design a suite of services, with the developer, that are to be on offer as a user pay service to all residents. These services are including but not limited to:

& Health
& Coaching
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For the Developer

  • Professional management and planning of the gym space to insure the space is used, not wasted
  • A high-end service that can be used to market their development through the sales stage
  • Comprehensive guidance from planning, through to delivery, with respect to the gym space (and the services in that space) in their development
  • The ability to create community in their development, so that it becomes an esteemed development that is revered by their peers, purchasers and the market at large


For the Residents

  • Significantly reduces, if not eradicates resident injury or accident in the gym space, resulting in a greater degree of resident safety and care
  • A superior (and extremely marketable) additional service for all residents to utilize, within the comfort of their own home
  • The gym becomes an engaging hub for residents that builds community and gets residents interacting with one another and the other services within the building
  • Comes at no financial cost to the Owners Corporation


Sandy Hill Apartments, 220 Bay Road, Sandringham VIC 3191

Sandy Hill is a 350 unit apartment building complex, spread out over 3 building, with over 1,800 residents. The centrally located gym space was previously unmanned and unmanaged. Since the inception of I Choose Awesome’s Personal Trainers being permanently positioned on-site, the gym has seen dramatic improvements.

The full-time professional management of the gym space speaks for itself, as in only a short time, the gym has become an engaging hub with residents taking up the services being offered by I Choose Awesome, clearly tapping into a resident need that was not being attended to.


Hawthorn Park, 33-57 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East VIC 3123

The developer of Hawthorn Park, Dahua Group, engaged the services of I Choose Awesome nearly 2 years out from the completion of their amazing apartment building. I Choose Awesome was thus able to provide extensive consultancy and planning with respect to the Health & Wellness amenity (and it's services) at Hawthorn Park. The petite footprint of the Health & Wellness space at Hawthorn Park, made the layout and equipment selection for the gym space even more critical than in most cases.

With Dahua Group having leveraged off I Choose Awesome's years of experience, the Hawthorn Park residents now have the benefit of a fully equipped, functional and state of the art gym right at their doorstep. Not only that, all Hawthorn Park residents have the added benefit of having an on-site Personal Trainer in their gym to welcome them (and to utilise their services if they wish to), right from day one of their building's opening. A truly great value addition that sets Hawthorn Park apart from the rest.

Benjamin Selby-Hele


Benjamin Selby-Hele

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Benjamin has been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2008 and a member of Fitness Australia (the Fitness Industry’s Governing Body) for the entirety of that time. He has also been a certified Life Coach since 2014. Benjamin is passionate about helping others achieve great health and making health and fitness services easily accessible.

After working with developers over the past 2 years, he thrives on business and enterprise, and relishes in being able to provide high quality Personal Training services to residents in their apartment buildings, and in the process creating engaging, healthy, vertical communities. 

Benjamin has had a successful career in the fitness industry for more than 10 years.

He has run fitness centers on world class cruise ships, set up his own high-end personal training studio which he ran for 5 years, and delivered health and leadership presentations to many organisational leaders (among the likes of eBay in America).