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Healthy staff equals a more productive company. Our initiatives give your staff all the tools they need to start kicking goals personally and professionally.

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Enhance your leadership skills by improving your lifestyle traits. Make an appointment with Leadership Coach Benjamin Selby-Hele today.

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Latest From The Blog

29 September

3rd Quarterly 2015

Did someone say October already? Far out, I know we say it every year, but where has this year gone? We’re into the tail end of the year already and its not slowing down! I hope this quarterly finds you in great health and sees you thoroughly enjoying your life. Whilst the past 3 months […]

30 June

2nd Quarterly 2015

Posted in Inspiration, Motivation

The streets are uneven and if you don’t watch where your going you’ll trip over no time soon. Whilst a major city there are things that seem majorly wrong about it, particularly if you’re from a country like Australia. Rocks (or large chunks of concrete rather) are placed in front of broken man hole covers […]

5 January

2014 Final Quarterly

2014 has come and now it’s almost gone, but don’t worry there will be another year. Don’t dwell on what you didn’t get quite right this year, you’ll get it right next time, you know better now. Acknowledge and be proud of the great things you did and look forward to many more of these […]


What our clients are saying.

  • Anne McDonald, Prinicpal, Nazareth College

    I have had the pleasure of working with the I Choose Awesome Team during 2013. Having embarked on my own personal training program with the I Choose Awesome gym I then heard about their Twelve Week Challenge that had been successful in a nearby secondary college. After conversations with the Principal I engaged the I Choose Awesome Team to deliver this program to staff at my school. Read More.

    - Anne McDonald, Prinicpal, Nazareth College
  • Brett Windsor, Principal, Leongatha Secondary College

    After achieving fantastic personal results with the 12 Week Challenge I wanted my staff to experience the same. Over 40 of my teaching staff participated in the 12 week health initiative to great effect. The program has enabled my staff to achieve greater levels of health and as a result has brought them closer together, boosted morale and decreased absenteeism. Read More

    - Brett Windsor, Principal, Leongatha Secondary College
  • Angela Di Conza, Director, PBE

    Taking part in the 12 week health initiative not only improved my body shape but I gained new knowledge to better interact with clients and staff.  Our business is now more ambitious and focused than every before. Thanks ICA.

    - Angela Di Conza, Director, PBE